Guarantee Terms

1.     Roman Dietsche GmbH guarantees that its products are free of material, design and manufacturing defects in accordance with these provisions. Insignificant deviations from the characteristics owed that do not significantly impair the use of the product are not considered defects and are therefore not a warranty claim. The buyer’s rights from the statutory warranty and product liability exist in addition to this warranty. Making use of them is free of charge and they are also not limited by the warranty.


The warranty only applies to products that are sold under the brand Bravat and that were procured within the European Union or Switzerland directly from Roman Dietsche GmbH, from sanitary wholesalers or specialised sanitary retailers.



3.     The term of the warranty for waste containers and mirrors as well as electronic components of fittings (e.g. hot water boilers and generators) is two years from the date of purchase (warranty period). The warranty term for all other products is five years. Claims from the warranty must be made in writing within the warranty period, as otherwise they are excluded.


4.     Claims from the warranty require that the assembly, operation, care and safety instructions of Roman Dietsche GmbH have been followed and the respective product is made available to us by request for inspection purposes at our own expense, but at the risk of the claimant.


5.     The warranty does not apply in the case of normal signs of wear and tear, as well as in the case of damage due to improper use, being dropped/falling, abnormal weather conditions, wilful destruction or improper installation, commissioning or maintenance. Wear parts, such as (thermostat) cartridges, valves, aerators or batteries as well as replacement products, i.e. products that are sold to complete or supplement products of Roman Dietsche GmbH, are excluded from the warranty. We also exclude the warranty in the case of our products being used commercially.


6.     Claims from the warranty are limited to a free repair or a free replacement of the defective product at the discretion of Roman Dietsche GmbH. The product can also be replaced by a different equivalent model, especially if the respective model is no longer produced. Replaced parts are to be sent back to Roman Dietsche GmbH by request at their expense and become the property of Roman Dietsche GmbH. The warranty does not cover the replacement of removal and installation costs, claims for damages or a right to withdraw from the contract.


7.     This warranty is subject to German law under the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods of April 11, 1980 (CISG).


8.     If the buyer has purchased the goods for professional or commercial use or outside a member state of the European Union or the Lugano Convention (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland) in which Roman Dietsche GmbH runs its commercial operations or to which it has directed its operations, the place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this warranty is the head office of Roman Dietsche GmbH.


9.     To make claims under this warranty, you can initially contact your respective seller from whom you have acquired the product in question while submitting the original receipt. In this case, however, it is also possible to file warranty claims by sending the original receipt (a copy by email suffices) directly to us as the warrantor:


      Roman Dietsche GmbH

Theodor-Heuss-Straße 18

35440 Linden



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